You won’t find a better location for your production. We’re located in the heart of Valby, just 10 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station.

Skolegade 19, 2500 Valby
Phone: +45 8880 8600
Email: mail@redpost.dk

Here’s a quick overview of our surroundings:

  • Sunny courtyard – right outside
  • Shopping – right outside
  • Cafés and food vendors – for every pallet within 10 min. walking distance.
  • Public transportation, S-trains, regional trains and busses – 2 min.
  • Free parking – 2 min.
  • Freeway – 10 min.
  • Copenhagen City Centre – 10 min. by S-train, 15 min. by car.
  • Copenhagen airport – 30 min.


We’re an independent company – one of the largest post production companies in Denmark in terms of capacity. We’ve been around since 2005 and work some of the largest, most prominent and popular TV-shows on national television.

At Red Post you don’t just get your editing suites and state of the art equipment. You get some of the country’s most skilled specialists in post production workflow and technical support – not to mention our freshly ground coffee!


Michael Søegaard, mastermind behind and in front of Red Post.
Besides the great head of hair, Michael’s extensive experience and unique skillset allow him to connect the dots in any post production. Michael has produced hundreds of hours of high and low quality TV.


Post production is in our blood. We always knew, we weren’t going to be just another rental company or facility house, where everyone just minded his or her own business.

Instead we’ve created the kind of place and space that we want to work in – a creative, casual and welcome atmosphere, and the post production house in Copenhagen with the highest level of expertise and service.

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